The infographic, created by Column Five Media for legal practice management software developer, MyCase, outlines some of the mistakes small business owners are making when it comes to their website. Although these mistakes can be costly, hiring a reputable web company will fix them.


1. Not displaying any definitive call-to-action on your website is a mistake. (think “CALL TODAY – phone number” or SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE NEWSLETTER – sign up form”)  It is also a good idea to display a bold phone number/email address on the home page.

2. Not considering the design of the website at all is another mistake. Navigation should be simple and intuitive, visitors should not get “lost” when browsing your website and they should be able to find information quickly and easily.

3. Keeping an outdated website is another no-no. If your website content gets stale, visitors ae less likely to return. Google and other search engines frown upon stale content and so this is also going to adversely effect your search rankings.

4. Not using any kind of metrics to track your website’s progress and performance is costly. It is essential to use tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and others to gauge where your web traffic is coming from, which keywords are being used, which pages they are most often visiting… Then it is just as important to tweak your website to improve the statistics. We offer detailed statistical analysis as part of our SEO plan.

5. Hand in hand with point #4 goes SEO. Search Engine Optimization is another essential piece of the puzzle.

6. If you have neglected to include social media links and share buttons on your website, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to spread your brand. If visitors share your website content via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. you’re instantly “viralizing” your brand as well as boosting your SEO.

7. Mobile optimization means allowing visitors to view your website clearly and intuitively no matter what kind of device they are using – smartphone, tablet etc. All of our websites are mobile responsive.

8. Our professional services take the burden off you as far as maintaining, updating and monitoring your website. Your website will always be up-to-date with the latest browsers and plug-ins. Our hosting is best-in-class with 99.99% up-time, regular back-up service and top notch security.


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I have been working with them for over 7 years and they always go above and beyond for me! I recently had my blog revamped and am thrilled that it is responsive for optimal user experience on all devices as well as for better search engine rankings. Client inquiries from my blog have gone up 75% since installing the updated site.

~ Alycia Savage Alvarez / Alycia Savage Studios

I have had these guys build a website and two blogs for me and they have simply been fantastic to work with! Super fast turnaround times and very quick to respond to any questions or customer service issues. Their prices are also some of the best around! I will be a customer for life!

~ Kevin Jairaj / KJ Images

Simple Sites 2 Go designed an excellent website for my photography business. They took the time to listen to what I wanted, and helped me find the right solution. They set very clear expectations as what to expect in the coming days/weeks, and then followed through on the milestones as communicated. Since the launch of the website, I have received dozens of compliments on how easy it is to find and navigate my website. Web traffic has increased considerably since my new site was launched, partly due to the excellent SEO work Simple Sites 2 Go did for me. They are really easy to work with, and have great customer service. Thank You Simple Sites 2 Go, I would absolutely recommend them if you're looking to get your business online!

~ Max Shafiq

Simple Sites 2 Go provided us with fantastic service and great result. They designed our current site which was a huge step up from our last site. Furthermore, their prices were reasonable. I would recommend SS2Go to design any site from the small business to the large corporation. Thank you!

~ Vital Ruwala / ELS Solicitors

I had a great experience on your website [], which is wonderful, as this rarely happens these days.

~ Patricia Blacey

The web page that SS2Go created for me exceeded my expectations. The layout was well thought out, the user experience enhanced and the overall feel of the page was spectacular! I would recommend them to anyone who has a need for a web presence. The company was great to work with from start to finish---one of the most easy and enjoyable experiences I have had working with a business of this kind. You cannot go wrong working with this fine team of professionals!

~ Chuck MacIntyre / Vortex Charters