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If you need SEO results and need them fast, we offer a tried-and-tested SEO service. It puts into practice all of the crucial aspects of ensuring your website will rank high on a web search while adhering to the “rules” laid down by Google, Yahoo, Bing. We are experts in the fields of SEO and Internet Marketing and are passionate about remaining in-touch with the latest changes and tweaks to the Google algorithm.


It’s a Multi-Pronged Process

On-site SEO is just a small fraction of what needs to be done for your website to be a high-ranker and pull in qualified traffic. Being a successful online business requires constant attention to a multitude of factors. Here are just some of them:

  • The keywords you want to be found under are targeted carefully and are in-line with today’s search patterns.
  • Your website contains quality, evergreen content. Content is King! This is not limited to text content but also includes video, infographics and, of course, images! Important for page authority.
  • Your web content is correctly and thoroughly marked up with tags and meta data.
  • Your website is correctly coded and error-free in the eyes of Google Bot.
  • Your website content is keyword-rich and, most specifically, does not use keyword-stuffing. (Keyword stuffing is frowned upon by the search engines and may cause your website to be blacklisted)
  • Your website is social-media-rich and promotes sharing. Social signals positively impact your search ranking.
  • You have consistent business listings that are reciprocally linked to your website.
  • Your website has quality inbound links. Important for domain authority. A significant consideration. Google has cracked down on “spammy” or Black Hat link-building techniques. Your website may be blacklisted for doing so.


The SEO Environment is Ever-evolving

Google is becoming increasingly picky about what it considers an authority website. The evolving nature of the Google algorithm means that one needs to always have one’s finger on the pulse of SEO best practices. This requires time, effort and expertise.


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We have consistently placed our clients on the first page of search results for the targeted keywords and have boosted visibility, traffic and conversions. Our SEO services have made an online breakthrough for small businesses!


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Humberto Sanchez of Aces-R-Us