google-algorithmOne crucial aspect of digital marketing is getting found on organic searches. To that end, more and more businesses are spending a large percentage of their marketing budgets on SEO. Things in the SEO world are about to be shaken up once again.

Google is sending out a loud and clear message that can be interpreted as, “We are concerned only with making web searches easier and more effective for the general public”. That is, the folks at Google want to refine their product and make it an even better tool for those that use it. Since these “users” are increasingly “mobile users”, it is obvious that Google will want to favor this demographic.

On April 21st, Google’s message will be backed up in the form of the “mobile-friendly” update. This is a significant update in the algorithm that will check websites for mobile-friendliness (layouts that resize to fit the device on which they are being viewed, user-friendly font sizes, buttons and links that are not too close to each other so that mobile users’ fingers can easily click on them).

According to Google Webmaster Central, Google will be rolling out the most significant mobile algorithm change to date:
Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

Some are predicting that the outcome of this update will be that websites that currently enjoy high rankings but are not mobile-friendly, will plummet to the bottom of the totem pole that is the SERP (Search Engine Page Rank). Others are anticipating that responsive websites will cash in on the update – especially those that are targeting long tail keywords (on which mobile users base their searches with the spoken voice).

It remains to be seen whether the imminent update (that, to my knowledge, is not named after a furry or feathered friend) will let forth a roar or a squeak.

How can you tell if your website is in Google’s Good Books? Use this test:
Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page.


Further reading on this topic:

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