Small Business Website Mistakes

The infographic, created by Column Five Media for legal practice management software developer, MyCase, outlines some of the mistakes small business owners are making when it comes to their website. Although these mistakes can be costly, hiring a reputable web company will fix them. 1. Not displaying any definitive call-to-action on your website is a mistake. (think “CALL TODAY – phone number” or SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE NEWSLETTER – sign up form”)  It is also a good idea to display a bold phone number/email address on the home page. 2. Not considering the design of the website at all is another mistake. Navigation should be simple and intuitive, visitors should not get “lost” when browsing your website and they should be able to find information quickly and easily. 3. Keeping an outdated website is another no-no. If your website content gets stale, visitors ae less likely to return. Google and other search engines frown upon stale […]

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By SS2Go / August 13, 2014 / Small Business Websites / No Comments